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Welcome to this unofficial website about Plouhinec, Morbihan in the South of Brittany. This site has been developed and is maintained to provide information about Plouhinec and its English that cannot be found easy somewhere else. Views expressed are ours and do not reflect the official view of the Municipal administration. 

It is not intended nor possible to be fully comprehensive and therefore, for a full picture you also should visit other sites. Sign PlouhinecThis site is maintained by Martin Horseling and is a part time project, carried out if and when time is available. I will be adding content over time if and when relevant and when there is material to share.  For now, all information about shops and services relates to Plouhinec. Over time, this will be extended to relevant other locations.

All material such as photo's are taken by ourselves and are made available under the conditions of the Creative Commons license described below. 

This website has entirely been prepared using open source software such as the Ubuntu Linux Operating system,  Kompozer and Seamonkey web editor and the Filezilla FTP client. It has been thoroughly tested in the Firefox web browser but may only offer limited functionality in Internet Explorer.

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