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About Brittany and Plouhinec

Brittany has a somewhat difficult relationship with the rest of France. Inhabited largely by Celtic tribes and descendants of people who came from what is now the UK, it is not really France. Brittany was only incorporated into the, then Kingdom of France in 1532 through the Edict of Plessis-Mace which was signed on the 18th of September of that year. The edict, though establishing a “perpetual union of Brittany and France” also granted far reaching autonomy to the territory with its own parliament, a say in taxes and no conscription outside of the territory.
Breizh Libre
The terms of the agreement were swiftly broken by the Frech side, causing widespread resentment at the time.
The current flag of Brittany has long been the symbol of separatism, which appears to be lingering even today.  Nevertheless, today one can see the flag being used alongside the French “tricolore” on town-halls and during events. It is officially sanctioned in the regional identifier on the latest series of license plates for French cars. Furthermore, it can be seen in the Departement of Loire Atlantique (Nantes), which was in the past part of Brittany but now belongs to the Pays de la Loire.

An interesting book about the history of Brittany (from Breton point of view) has been written by Jean Pierre Le Mat and is available in English. (ISBN 978-2-952144-8-0)

Plouhinec, Morbihan is a small but fast growing village on the coast of southern Brittany, not to be confused with the Plouhinec in Finistere. With a total of approximately 5000 inhabitants (July 2011) over several villages, it feels even smaller than it actually is.  It has everything one needs for a pleasant holiday but also serves its inhabitants well.

Meghalith at Mane KerzineThe site of the current municipality of Plouhinec has been inhabited for over 5000 years (since at least 3000 BC) as evidenced by the various sites with Megaliths and Menhirs.

Today's Plouhinec appears to date back to the 4th or 5th century AD when Brittany was a part of the English overseas territories.  The Municipality was established in 1790 and the current Mayor is Mr Adrien Le Formal.
Tourist information office
The Municipal administration is located on 1, Rue General de Gaulle near the Church in Plouhinec. Tourist maps and other information can be obtained from there during opening hours which are as follows:

Every day: 9.00 till 12.00 and 1400 till 17.00
Saturday: 9.00 till 12.00
The tourist information office is located on 1, Rue de Driasker, also near to the church, but on the side towards the direction of Beltz. 

The administration also maintains a website (, which is not fully updated and has mostly French language content.   Of most interest is the section with current events that can be found on this link.

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